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We have a range of great support materials to help everyone get the most from Quick Reads.

Resources for 2015

Quick Reads 2015 Poster [PDF]

Quick Reads 2015 Blank Poster [PDF]

Quick Reads 2015 Flyer [PDF]

Quick Reads Logo [Black]

Quick Reads Logo [Blue]

Supporting Adults with Literacy [PDF]

Learning Resources

Dead Man Talking

Out of the Dark

Paris for One

Pictures or it Didn't Happen

Red for Revenge

Street Cat Bob


Resources for 2014

Quick Reads 2014 Poster [PDF]

Quick Reads 2014 Blank Poster [PDF]

Quick Reads 2014 Flyer [PDF]

20 self access items for learners on the ESOL Nexus website

A lesson plan for teachers to encourage them to use Quick Reads with their learners


Learning Resources

A Cruel Fate


Four Warned


Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

The Escape


Resources for 2013

Logos, posters, book covers and author images can be downloaded from the Branding Suite

Resources to support English and maths learning:

Learning with Quick Reads: 6 new titles for 2013 - [PDF]

Whether you are using Quick Reads with learners working towards Functional Skills in English or maths, with an informal reading group or promoting their use in the community or workplace, the activities included in this resource will give you plenty of ideas.

Quick Reads Functional Skills [PDF]

Contains ideas and activities to help build confidence and improve Functional Skills in reading, writing, discussion, maths and ICT.

New - Quick Reads 2013 Chapter Samplers

Chapter Samplers of the 2013 Quick Reads titles are now available to download from the BBC Skillswise website. You can listen to the audio or download the chapters as PDFs or Word documents.

Quick Reads 2013 Brochure - [PDF]

There are further resources available at BBC Skillswise to support Quick Reads:

Start a reading group:

Join a reading group:

Resources to support English Language learning

2012 Resources

  • Learning with Quick Reads Resources 2012 - [PDF]

    The activities in this pack will give you plenty of ideas for using Quick Reads 2012 titles. Focusing on the development of reading, writing, discussion and ICT skills, the pack provides additional ideas for learners with lower skills levels and for broader project-based activity.
  • Interviews and Podcasts

    Listen to the Quick Reads authors talk about their books in their own words. Hear why they decided to write a Quick Read and more.
  • Quick Reads learning resources

    Access a range of learning resources to support your use of the previous Quick Reads titles as part of your literacy lessons (this links to the reading agency website).

Resources to support Reading Breaks and Reading Groups:

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